Financial Statements/Bookkeeping

You are not an accountant, nor does your business survive on you completing the accounting work. It is crucial your time is used wisely in other areas such as sales, marketing, order processing. You have options but what are they and which works best for you? From selection of accounting reporting systems, to selection of accounting staff, or to having M. Kovac Inc. prepare your accouting records on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or even annually – you are not alone.

Regardless of the approach, it is imperative that your reports satisfy your needs, the tax authorities, your lenders, and any other users. This could mean multiple reports. Internal reporting can help you generate profits, identify & solve issues – but these are very different from the needs of external users. I can assist you in determining & creating those reports at the start, and as your needs change.

Of course, all those reports don’t mean anything if they aren’t accurate. Providing you accurate and timely accounting of your operations will assist you in positive and manageable corporate growth.