Business Start-Up & Consulting

You have a great idea for a new business and the passion to see it thru. A successful business requires immediate attention to detail from the start. Many businesses fail within their first few years because they don’t prepare to succeed.

Should you incorporate or operate as a sole properitorship? What are each of the options advantages and disadvantages? What are the financing and/or cashflow needs? How shall you structure your accounting systems and internal controls? How and when should you grow?

These are just some of the questions you need to consider at the start. By planning and preparing, you lessen the chance of something unexpected occurring – you have considered the possibility of many situations and determined reasonable courses of action.

As time passes and operations are in full motion, some other questions & challenges that may arise are:

  • Efficiency of operations;
  • Tax issues & planning;
  • Financial reporting needs;
  • Federal & Provincial tax responsibilities and the dreaded reviews or audits.
  • I can help with all these areas and more. I am a part of your team as you much or as little as you wish. In the end, it is about your success.